Gabriel Holzner "Gabe", b. 1983, is an artist from southern Germany, currently based in Vienna, whose works appear as art prints and on city walls, and as painted canvases or even on a basketball court. 

The artist has developed a visual language that reflects a variety of influences: from his academic background in design, illustration and printmaking, to pop art, graffiti and different subcultures.

Like Keith Haring, he processes the world through lively, vivid graphic representations in different places and on different surfaces. GABE communicates his ideas mostly through abstracted figurative scenes, precisely formed and digitally arranged and brought to life with acrylic paint on large-scale canvases or wood panels.
Despite his boldly simplified visual language, he addresses the complexity of our contemporary life. By bringing a sense of calm and structure to chaotic and noisy situations, he combines contradictory ideas into compelling compositions.

Like many of his generation, GABE was shaped by the DIY (Do it yourself) ethos of hip-hop culture as well as the artists behind the film (Beautiful Losers, 2008). He has been defining his own spaces for his works through exhibitions, labels, collaborations, social media, public art, and printmaking in order to make his art accessible to all. 

2004 - 2009 Communication Design/MA, University of the applied sciences, Augsburg (GER)
2006 - 2007 Edna Manley college of visual and performing arts, Kingston (JAM)

2022 We had a hell of a run / Arc Collect, Munich (GER)
2021 In this together? / Flushing Meadows, Munich (GER)
2020 Utopia / Utopia, Munich (GER)

2023 Pada 37 / Pada Studios, Barreiro (PT)
2023 O.S.D. / Pada Studios, Barreiro (PT)
2020 Secret 7" / Now Gallery, London (UK)
2020 Quellen Galerie / Quellen Galerie, Stuttgart (GER)

Sammlung Serviceplan, Munich (GER)
National and international private collections

2023 Pada residency / Pada Studios, Barreiro (PT)

Slanted Publishers, "Portrait" in Slanted Bavaria, 2022
The Face, "Meet the graphic artist bringing together Munich’s art scene“, online rescource the Face, 2021

2023 „Humanity for All“ Artwork in support of SOS Humanity, Hamburg (GER)
2022 Collaboration Mural / Commissioned by the German Embassy, Kingston (JAM)
2021 „We ball together“ Urban Art Project / Collaboration with FC Bayern Basketball, Creation of a Basketball Court (Sugar Mountain) and two 30m high murals, Munich (GER)
2020 „A to Z of Niceness“ / Lockdown Project, drawing challenge initiated by Grand Matter at the beginning of the Covid-19 lockdown, London (UK)
2016 Limitless Me exhibition in collaborations with Google/ Galerie König, Berlin (GER)