Embark on a captivating artistic journey as 'Press - Pause - Play' invites you to explore the creative fusion of Max Freund and Gabriel Holzner in the windows of Arc Collect. Freshly settled in Vienna, Holzner's recent move sets the stage for an enriching collaboration with Freund, following his successful solo exhibition at Arc Collect in 2022. In this joint dual exhibition, the dynamic interplay of Freund's material-focused exploration and Holzner's precisely formed figures is the leading topic.

Following two clearly distinguishable artistic approaches, both artists offer colorful views of our daily life, drawing inspiration from bursting cities, mass media, and technological advancement. Apart from their personal memories and reflections on '90s and '00s culture, be it old Nintendo games, hip-hop music, European comics, or (recurring) subcultures, abstract figures and forms brought to life using different materials ironically depict today’s culture and society.

Max Freund: Exploring the Language of Material 
Freund’s artworks become a painterly exploration of his private archive - an eclectic collection of books, magazines, fabrics, and everyday objects. Collage-like assemblies, impasto layers of paint, and the revising and repetition of compositions and patterns describe his artistic process. The artist places special emphasis on the production process for its intrinsic value, irrespective of whether it culminates in a final masterpiece. Light and cheerful drawings are juxtaposed with clearly delineated color fields that lend structure to his compositions. Drawing on his associations and cross-references from early childhood drawings to art-historical genres, the artist also incorporates elements of pop culture, literature, music, and media into his works. The understanding one might have of Freund's artworks, whether in connection with Van Gogh's sunflowers or timeless video games, for instance, is deliberately left to the viewer.

Max Freund, born in 1992, lives and works in Vienna, Austria. A graduate of Die Angewandte Vienna (class of Prof. Judith Eisler), Freund also lived in Utrecht and has participated in various international solo and group exhibitions (UK, IT, SL, HU, GER, A) and international residency programs (FR, Paris/Lyon). He is part of the micro-publishing house and artist collective Soybot and is actively engaged in collaborations, such as with Freifrau Manufaktur Deutschland, creating his own edition of a chair. Click here for further information on the artist.

Gabriel Holzner: Bridging Cultures Through Art 
Holzner's artistic expression is a vibrant collage of cultural influences shaped by his extensive travels and relocations in recent years. The artist communicates his observations through abstracted figurative scenes, which he forms precisely in concentrated studio practice and sometimes even arranges digitally before the final step of execution. His condensed imagery often contrasts with crowded and hectic motifs in which he seeks to portray complex situations in life. Numerous travels and encounters with different cultures against the backdrop of the artist's contemplative childhood in a small Upper Bavarian town have since promoted themes such as the effects of industrialization and mobility in his work. Using acrylic paint or oil sticks, Holzner adapts his ideas to various surfaces, including basketball courts (Sugarmountain, Munich), huge steel gates, or murals. Risographs and works on canvas highlight his precise working method and meticulous application of paint.

Gabriel Holzner, born in 1983, is an artist from Germany who relocated to Vienna in the summer of 2023. After studying communication design in Augsburg and illustration, printmaking, and textile design in Kingston, Jamaica, Holzner worked as a freelance illustrator and designer. An invitation from the German Embassy in Jamaica brought Holzner back to Kingston in 2022 to collaborate with a local artist. Holzner is part of the Sammlung Serviceplan in Munich and recently completed a residency in Barreiro, Portugal. Click here for further information on the artist.

As 'Press - Pause - Play' beckons you to delve into the narratives of these two distinct artists, their combined efforts result in a colorful and harmonious tapestry of artworks that boldly weaves together the threads of materiality, culture, and their diverse artistic approaches to today’s contemporary life. Ultimately, the title of the exhibition also aims to capture the artists' personal sense of time and, perhaps, our own, giving us a serene look at the complexity of life.



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